Vauxhall offers lower tax bills

  • Lower emission Insignia diesel engines introduced
  • Drivers will save on company car tax
  • On sale now, priced from £18,925

Vauxhall has cut emissions across the Insignia range, meaning it will cost less in terms of company car tax and also be more economical.

The low emission Ecoflex model sees CO2 reduced from 136 to 129g/km, which means from April 1st 2011 the Ecoflex model will qualify for the 18% benefit-in-kind tax band. If its emissions had stayed at 136g/km it would have jumped up a tax band and company car tax would have increased.

This will save a base rate tax-payer around £40 a year in company car tax, while fuel economy rises from 54 to 57mpg. And as it falls into the sub-130g/km banding, the Ecoflex version avoids the first year VED rate.

Changes have also been made to the regular 130 and 160bhp versions of the 2.0 CDTi diesel engine.

The 130bhp version sees emissions fall from 154 to 136g/km - dropping from the 22% BIK band to 19%.

The 160bhp unit's emissions fall from 154 to 144g/km - a drop of two BIK bands.

The changes apply to saloon, hatchback and Sports Tourer models and coincide with re-engineering work on the diesel engines to make them quieter and produce fewer vibrations.

The new engines are on sale now. Prices remain unchanged and start at £18,925.