Improved Corsavan delivers 70mpg

  • Start-stop system fitted to Corsavan
  • Ecoflex model now returns 70mpg
  • On sale now, priced from £10840 (ex-VAT)

Vauxhall has made its greenest small van even more eco-friendly thanks to the addition of start-stop technology.

The new Corsavan Ecoflex now comes with start-stop technology, resulting in a £220 price premium over the standard Ecoflex model. But average fuel economy is now a claimed 70.6mpg - 8mpg more than before - while CO2 emissions plummet by 14g/km to just 105.

To meet tough new emissions laws, it is also fitted with a particulate filter to trap noxious exhaust gasses.

Vauxhall has also added a beefed-up battery and starter motor to cope with the extra strains caused by the start-stop system and its repeated starting and stopping of the engine.

The new model is on sale now, with prices starting at £10,840 (excluding VAT).