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Latest AFRs published

  • Advisory fuel rates published for this quarter
  • No change for the vast majority of company car drivers
  • Concern over gap between fuel hike and AFR changes

The Government has announced the latest Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs), and for the majority of fleet drivers there will be absolutely no change.

Coming into effect from Thursday December 1, the increases in June appear to have done enough for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to leave the rates pretty much as they are this time around.

The new rates reflect just one change - a 1p decrease for cars fuelled by LPG with an engine of between 1,401cc and 2,000cc. All other rates stay exactly as they were.

The Association of Fleet Car Operators (ACFO) had been concerned about the planned fuel duty increase in January. It worried that the 3p hike wouldn’t be transferred onto the AFRs until the next review at the end of February, so company car drivers could lose a small amount of remuneration for that period. However, the Government announced today (November 29) that it won't be implementing the duty hike afterall, so this time the respected group of fleet managers can stand down.

Pressure from ACFO lead to a change in the way the rates are published back in June, when the AFRs went from twice-yearly publication to quarterly. The rates in question apply where companies remunerate employees for business travel in their company cars, or require repayment for the cost of fuel for private travel. The rates are based on engine size and fuel type, and are considered tax-free.

The new AFRs per mile are as follows:


1,400cc or under: 15p

1,401cc-2,000cc: 18p

Over 2,000cc: 26p

Petrol hybrid cars are simply treated as petrol cars.


1,600cc or under: 12p

1,601cc-2,000cc: 15p

Over 2,000cc: 18p

Diesel hybrid cars are simply treated as diesel cars.


1,400 or under: 11p

1,401cc-2,000cc: 12p

Over 2,000cc: 18p

The AFRs have been calculated using the following fuel prices: petrol at 133.4p/litre, diesel at 141.1p/litre and LPG at 73.9p/litre.

The next rate changes will be published a few days before they come into effect on March 1.

For more on AFRs you can visit the HMRC website.