Top five premium holiday cruisers

  • Five of the best premium cars to take on holiday
  • We've sussed out the company car tax for you
  • Fuel economy and boot size also taken into account

Summer is upon us and many people are considering taking a holiday in the UK rather than venturing abroad. Are you looking for a company car that can transport you and your family (and all of your stuff) a few hundred miles in comfort and maybe in a little bit of style too?

We've picked out our five best summer company car cruisers, and laid out how much each one will cost you in company car tax, how big the boot is, how quick they are and how fuel efficient they are.


1. Peugeot 508 SW

Why buy?
The good-looking 508SW is a strong all-rounder. It's comfortable and stylish, has a lot of load space and a good range of refined engines. The panoramic glass roof is standard on all SW models, making the interior appear much brighter and bigger than in conventional-roofed estate cars.

Our choice: GT 2.2 HDi FAP

Price: £29,975

0-62mph: 8.4 seconds

Boot: 512 litres

CO2 emissions: 154g/km

Company car tax at 40% pay scale: £238.03/month

Combined MPG: 47.8


2. BMW 5-Series

Why buy?
The 5-Series is a real driver's car. Beautifully weighted steering and excellent handling combine with a refined and comfortable cabin to make it one of the top long-distance cruising cars around. The combination of M Sport trim and the super-efficient 2.0-litre diesel engine means you get excellent running costs and loads of kit too.

Our choice: 520d M Sport

Price: £32,730

0-62mph: 8.1 seconds

Boot: 520 litres

CO2 emissions: 129g/km

Company car tax at 40% pay scale: £206.93/month

Combined MPG: 57.6


3. Volvo V70

Why buy?
Although one of the cheaper cars in this top five, the V70 represents what Volvo does best. It's a large, practical family estate. When you buy a Volvo you're buying into the firm's excellent safety record, strong reliability and low running costs. In D5 R-Design trim you get a stylish, yet highly efficient and powerful, car and some incredibly comfortable seats too.

Our choice: D5 R-Design Premium

Price: £32,400

0-62mph: 8.1 seconds

Boot: 575 litres

CO2 emissions: 134g/km

Company car tax at 40% pay scale: £195.50/month

Combined MPG: 55.4


4. Jaguar XF

Why buy?
The XF is one of the best cars in its class. The modern and elegant styling combined with refined engines and a supremely comfortable interior mean this Jag is a perennial long-distance cruiser. A recent addition to the range is the 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine, which makes the XF significantly more attractive to company car drivers.

Our choice: 2.2 diesel Premium Luxury

Price: £37,950

0-62mph: 8.5 seconds

Boot: 500 litres

CO2 emissions: 149

Company car tax at 40% pay scale: £289.53

Combined MPG: 52.3


5. Audi A6 Avant


Why buy?
Now lighter, faster and emitting less CO2 than ever, the A6 Avant may not look terribly different from the last model but it has been improved in almost every way. The most recent iteration handles better than any before it, while the German firm is now including its Drive Select system so you can alter the car's driving characteristics while on the move.

Our choice: 3.0 TDI Quattro S Line (204ps)

Price: £38,550

0-62mph: 7.4 seconds

Boot: 565 litres

CO2 emissions: 136g/km

Company car tax at 40% pay scale: £268.67/month

Combined MPG: 54.3mpg

Parkers Top Tip:

You can work out how much you'll have to pay in company car tax by using our calculator here.