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Advisory fuel rates come into effect

  • New AFRs come into effect today
  • Most diesel cars see 1p hike
  • LPG-powered cars see 1p drop

The Government has announced the new Advisory Fuel Rates, which come into effect today.

Most significant is a hike of 1p-per-mile for diesel-fuelled cars with sub-1,600cc and over 2,000cc engine sizes.

There’s also a drop of 1p-per-mile on all LPG-powered cars.

Petrol cars see no change.

The new AFRs are as follows:


1,400cc or less – 15p

1,401cc-2,000cc – 18p

Over 2,000cc – 26p


1,400cc or less – 11p

1,401cc-2,000cc – 13p

Over 2,000cc – 19p


1,600cc or less – 12p

1.601cc-2,000cc – 15p

Over 2,000cc – 18p

The AFRs are based on the following fuel prices:

Petrol: 135.8p

Diesel: 141.7p

LPG: 78.7p