Do you use your mobile while driving?

  • Study shows using mobile phone is extremely distracting
  • More dangerous than driving drunk or high on cannabis
  • Vote in our anonymous poll and tell us if you've ever done it

A study has shown that using a smartphone while driving is more dangerous than driving after drinking or taking drugs.

Despite this shocking statistic published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, 8% admit to using their mobile to email or use social networking while driving. A huge 24% of the group of drivers statistically most likely to crash, 17-24-year-olds, admitted to using their phones for such activity.

According to the research, using a mobile phone for social networking or texting slows reaction times by around 37%. Driving while over the drink-drive limit slows reactions by between six and 15% (depending on how pissed you are) while driving high on cannabis slows reactions by 21%.

So this got us wondering, have you ever used your mobile phone while driving in slow-moving traffic? Vote in our anonymous poll below and have your say.