Top 5 low-tax coupes

  • Five of the best company car coupes
  • Features high-performance diesel models
  • Each costs less than £200 per month

We’ve had some nice weather of late and now the evenings are drawing out a bit there’s a definite sense of spring in the air. If you’re looking for a company car that won’t break the bank yet looks good enough to impress your mates down the pub and drives well enough to put a smile on your face, a coupe may be the car for you.

In this article we’ve listed our five favourite low-tax coupes and shown you how much they cost, how quick they are and why you might want to consider them.

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDi BlueMotion tech

Why buy?

The Scirocco is nearly the default choice in this sector. It looks great, drives fantastically, is well built and thanks to tree-saving BlueMotion tech it’s efficient too.

0-62mph: 9.3 seconds

Top speed: 129mph

P11d value: £22,600

BIK band: 17%

Cost per month*:  £128

Vauxhall Astra GTC 1.7 CDTi Sport

Why buy?

Vauxhall’s offering is a far more attractive version of the popular Astra. It has the handling prowess to back up the looks too since it borrows suspension parts from the blistering Insignia VXR.

0-62mph: 11 seconds

Top speed: 130mph

P11d value: £20,005

BIK band: 17%

Cost per month*: £113

BMW 1 Series Coupe 118d ES

Why buy?

The 1 Series Coupe is the only rear-wheel-drive car in this test and probably the best overall driver’s car too. It has great steering and an efficient diesel engine to help keep costs down.

0-62mph: 9 seconds

Top speed: 130mph

P11d value: £22,215

BIK band: 17%

Cost per month*: £126

Audi TT 2.0 TDI Quattro Sport

Why buy?

Although the most expensive car on this test by quite a margin, Audi’s TT does have a party piece: it has four-wheel drive so can be used whatever the weather. It’s also great to drive and has typical Audi build quality.

0-62mph: 7.5 seconds

Top speed: 140mph

P11d value: £28,130

BIK band: 21%

Cost per month*:  £197

Peugeot RCZ 2.0 HDi Sport

Why buy?

Styled after Peugeot’s highly successful endurance racing cars, the RCZ is certainly a head-turner. It drives well too thanks to an incredibly smooth diesel engine.

0-62mph: 8.7 seconds

Top speed: 137mph

P11d value: £22,875

BIK band: 21%

Cost per month*: £160


*Company car tax is worked out on the 40% pay scale using the tax bands for 2012/13 and the car’s current P11d value with no optional extras.