Fuel prices set to fall further

  • Fuel price averages now at levels not seen since January 2010
  • The planned fall will be the 14th drop in pump prices since the end of September
  • Supermarkets lead the way, competing for the lowest pump prices

According to the RAC, there is more good news on the horizon for company car drivers as fuel is set to drop again, this time by around 2p per litre at Asda supermarkets.

The cut will see customers pay around 105.7p per litre for petrol, with diesel set at around 112.7p. This is welcome news for those company car drivers who pay for their own personal mileage.

Other supermarkets are expected to follow suit quickly to compete and with the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil now set at around $55 (£36), the RAC predicts there is still more room to cut prices by as much as 5-6p by the end of January.

This is its 14th drop in pump prices since the end of September, with diesel dropping 17p per litre and petrol down 21p per litre. 

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "With the average price of petrol already at levels not seen since January 2010, this latest cut will send the average price (112p) even lower, which is more great news for the motorist as millions head back to work following the festive holiday.

"We would expect other retailers to follow Asda's example which would bring us ever closer to the £1 per litre average for petrol which the RAC said last month could be a possibility for the start of the new year. Of course it would also be an extremely welcome move for motorists and businesses alike."

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