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New advisory fuel rates for 1 September unveiled

  • Latest business mileage rates announced
  • Small petrols and larger diesels see 1p hike
  • All other AFRs remain the same

The Government has announced new Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) that take effect on 1 September, 2016.

There are some slight increases to certain sizes of petrol and diesel-powered cars, but LPG-fuelled vehicles remain the same.

Find out more about AFRs in our guide to reclaiming business mileage here.

The new AFRs effective from 1 September 2016 are as follows:


1,400cc or less - 11p per mile (+1p)

1,401-2,000cc - 13p per mile (no change)

Over 2,000cc - 20p per mile (no change)


1,600cc or less - 9p per mile (no change)

1,601-2,000cc - 11p per mile (+1p)

Over 2,000cc - 12p per mile (+1p)


1,400cc or less - 7p per mile (no change)

1,401-2,000cc - 9p per mile (no change)

Over 2,000cc - 13p per mile (no change)

Hybrid cars should be treated as either petrol or diesel, as appropriate.

These AFRs are reviewed quarterly and apply to trips taken from 1 September, but you can use the previous rates for up to a month from the date the new ones apply.

We’re expecting the next new announcement of Advisory Fuel Rates to appear on 1 December 2016.