Company cars encourage young people into jobs

  • Company car a major draw for 17-24 year-old drivers looking for work
  • Employees more likely to stay in a job with a company car
  • Survey interviewed more than 1,500 full-time employees

Research from Skoda has revealed that more than a quarter of young drivers (17-24-years old) rank the provision of a company car as the most appealing benefit when considering potential employers.

Employees prioritise company cars

In a sample of 1,500 full-time employees, 17 percent said that having a company car provided was their priority when negotiating a potential job, while a further 13 percent ranked money towards a company vehicle as the greatest draw. In total, over two-thirds of those surveyed suggested that a company car would be of interest when seeking out potential employers.

Meanwhile, 68 percent of male employees included in the survey would accept a job owing to the company car allowance – compared to 58 percent of female employees.

Higher staff retention with subsidised vehicle

Businesses looking for a high staff-retention rate could also benefit from offering company cars; nearly two-thirds of those surveyed claiming they’d be more likely to stay in a job if a subsidised motor was provided.

Henry Williams, Head of Fleet at Skoda UK, said; “Our research shows company cars are very appealing to workers of all ages, but particularly young people. We see this trend strongly outside of London, where many companies are based at out-of-town locations – making a car essential for the daily commute.”


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