Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The dash layout is similar to that of the Toyota Yaris – simple and easy to use with chunky buttons and oversized switches. All the major dials are housed in a central pod, which is easy to read and attached to the steering column, while 1.3 SE models add a spherical rev counter which is fixed to the top of the dashboard. The driving position is good and comfortable for motorway trips.

All models have a height-adjustable steering wheel and all – with the exception of the 1.0 S – have driver’s seat height adjustment. Visibility is good, but the rear view can be limited when it’s fully loaded.

Although the interior is far from luxurious, the Sirion’s spacious interior ensures that legroom is good throughout – two adults can sit in the back for short trips without much complaint and there’s adequate headroom for all. The seats are quite hard, but supportive enough to prevent backaches on a long drive, and the height adjustable driver’s seat is great for finding a comfortable driving position.

Road and wind noise are kept low, but the sound of the three-cylinder 1.0 engine can sometimes be intrusive.