Parkers overall rating: 1 out of 5 1.0

The 8.3-litre V10 produces 500bhp through a four-speed automatic transmission driving only the rear wheels. It will sprint from rest to 60mph in about five seconds and has a theoretical top speed of around 150mph but there’s no sophistication in the way it delivers its power. The rear wheels will lose traction with little provocation, so pulling out of junctions, even in the dry, can result in unprompted wheel spin.

The engine sounds characterful and acceleration is accompanies by a thunderous roar, but the automatic gearbox is hopeless with slow and laboured changes.

The Ram SRT-10’s commercial vehicle origins are made obvious by the leaf-spring suspension, but there has been some performance tuning. However it doesn’t drive with any reassurance and on anything but a smooth, straight road, the SRT-10 requires constant correction. The steering is terribly vague and imprecise while body roll in corners is excessive, making the Ram unenjoyable to drive on a typical country road.

The ride quality isn’t too bad however and the brakes provide decent stopping power, although hard braking results in plenty of pitching and diving.