Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8

Personalisation and warranty

No Ferrari is sold as a standard car, and it’s no different with the new 488 Spider. The myriad colour and trim options mean you’ll spend as long deciding on your final specification as you will waiting for the car to be made and delivered from Italy. Genuine Ferrari retailers can help you make the correct choice with specialists in the showrooms.

Every 488 Spider comes with the firm’s four-year warranty, which can be extended annually for up to 12 years with the New Power Warranty, which also includes annual roadside assistance. And a 488 Spider may not be as prohibitively expensive to maintain as you might expect either, as the seven-year Genuine Maintenance programme which takes care of the general consumables for you every 12,500 miles or each year (whatever comes first).

The Ferrari 488 Spider is available to buy now, with UK prices starting at £204,400.

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