Parkers overall rating: 5 out of 5 5.0

The 599's driving position feels odd at first, the wheel seems to be floating in mid air, its column sprouting from a strangely high-set dashboard leaving knees exposed. The rev counter dominates the view through the steering wheel's spokes but if you feel you need further help you can order a carbon fibre-rimmed wheel the top of which houses a set of lights that illuminate as you near the red line.

To the left of the instruments is a large LCD display that can show information ranging from tyre pressure, to engine temperature and even lap times.

Supercars aren't renowned for being comfortable - typically performance and handling are the priorities. But unusually the 599GTB manages to blend all three elements without any compromise. The ride is smooth enough so that this Ferrari is refined enough to use everyday while the wonderfully finished cabin is sporty yet sumptuous. The Carozzeria Scaglietti options programme means you can opt for sportier seats or even full racing-style harnesses.

However there's little point unless you intend to frequent track days - they'll only limit the car's usability and the standard seats offer ample support.