Parkers overall rating: 3.6 out of 5 3.6
  • Quirky dashboard is attractive
  • Awkward driving position for some
  • Good visibility all-round

The appealing look of the 500’s exterior extends to the inside, with a distinctive dashboard, retro touches and plenty of character. Buyers can choose from a selection of trims and fabrics for the interior, with a dashboard panel to match the exterior colour, black or ivory details such as the climate control and steering wheel, and a choice of seat options depending on the model you go for.

A 7.0-inch digital instrument cluster sits behind the steering wheel in a neat pod, and a sunroof can be added to brighten up the interior. A 5.0-inch screen displaying things like media info or sat-nav data from Android Auto and Apple CarPlay sits in the middle of the dash.

Fiat 500 interior 2020

Some may struggle to find a comfortable driving position, though. You sit quite high in the car and the seat itself doesn’t adjust as much as you might like.

The base tilts up and down, lifting or tilting your thighs rather than actually moving your whole body up or down. Couple that with a steering wheel that only adjusts up and down and some may struggle to find the perfect driving position. There’s also very little room to place your left foot while driving, giving you little choice but to place it flat on the floor of the footwell.

On a brighter note, the gear lever is dashboard-mounted, meaning even smaller drivers will find it falls very easily to hand, which is great for manoeuvres and also frees up some foot room lower down. Visibility is also very good. Proportionally, there’s a lot of glass, small pillars and flat sides – plus large door mirrors – so it’s very easy to see where you’re going.

Hybrid models can be specified with Seaqual Yarn seats, made from recycled plastic dragged out of the sea, for those with an eco-conscious concern.

Is it comfortable?

  • Comfortable seats for short journeys
  • Ride can be fidgety over rough surfaces
  • Motorway refinement could be better

How comfortable the Fiat 500 is can vary depending on the model you go for – in particular what size wheels are fitted. That’s because the car’s short wheelbase can mean it fidgets and feels unsettled when travelling over rougher surfaces and bumps in the road, but it’s not as pronounced on models with smaller wheels compared with higher-spec cars.

Fiat 500 front seats 2020

It’s not too bad though, and it’s perfectly fine around town. However, a longer journey may prove a little more tiring, due to the awkward driving position (for some) and lack of support in the seats for longer stints behind the wheel. Space-wise, the 500 is adequate for two adults undertaking a longer journey, but anyone in the back will feel the squeeze for anything longer than around-town drives.