Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Once you've adjusted to the left-hand-drive set-up, the biggest problem is visibility. Fine with the roof down, but with it up, there're blind spots down the right-hand-side and it can be tricky overtaking and pulling out of junctions. All controls are well within the driver's reach and the interior looks good, with quality plastics and body-coloured metal inside.

A fun car to drive on a summer's day with the roof down, but not so good for commuting into Slough on a wet January morning.

Obviously has no back seats, providing the front passenger and driver with generous amounts of legroom. Longer motorway trips with the roof up may be uncomfortable - there's a substantial amount of wind noise. Air conditioning is a £1000 option, but well worth having fitted for damp days. Seats are good quality and offer a decent amount of support.