Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0
  • Hard plastic interior will take lots of abuse
  • No central screen, but you don’t miss it
  • Stout A-pillars eat into the forward view

One of the first things you’ll notice is the novel design of the plastics on the dash, which reads the word Panda in every direction. This model feels much more grown-up compared to its plain predecessors. It may not be quite as well finished as the VW Up but the Panda definitely looks and feels well made – it’s plastics are hard but instead of feeling cheap, add to the overall utilitarian vibe.

Unlike most modern cars there’s no central screen, just a dot matrix stereo that connects to your phone via Bluetooth for music and calls.

This seems like a misstep but the thing is, if you’re going to project your phone’s sat-nav to a car’s screen anyway, it’s not a huge diversion to simply mounting your device on the Panda’s dashboard and use it that way.

2020 Fiat Panda interior

One major downside is the large pillars around the front windscreen. They are quite thick and intrude on visibility, making it difficult for the driver to get a good view when turning out of a tight junction.

Although this is a small car, it's actually quite roomy inside. There is a good amount of space up front for the passenger and the driver but tall passengers will struggle for legroom in the back. That said, the Panda’s boxy profile means head room is plentiful all round.

Mild-hybrid cars in Launch Edition spec get a special ‘Dew Green’ interior colour and seats made from Seaqual Yarn, which is made from recycled plastic, 10% of which coming from the sea.


  • A comfortable city companion
  • Soft suspension with controlled body roll
  • Squashy seats lack support

Unsurprisingly for a car designed to be an easy companion on busy city streets, the Fiat Panda is a very comfortable car.

At slow speeds the ride is supple and will deal with any undulations on the road without any problems. Road, wind and tyre noise is minimal, which is impressive for a car of this size and shape.

2020 Fiat Panda seats

Its squashy suspension takes the sting out of broken tarmac and pleasingly doesn’t wallow too badly in corners, which can be just as uncomfortable at times as a sporty-stiff set up.

The seats are a bit flat and lacking in bolstering but they are at least soft and relaxing to sit on – for a short time at least. The lack of support may bring on back ache if you take the Panda further afield.