This car has been superseded by a newer model, click here to go to the latest Ford Galaxy review.

Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

There’s five engines to choose from and all but one of them are sourced from Volkswagen. Go for the 2.3 (the only Ford engine) if you’re after a petrol – it’s the best all-rounder. Diesel buyers should go for the 115 or 130bhp TDI – the 90bhp version is underpowered. All models come with VW’s six-speed gearbox, with the exception of the Ford-built 2.3.

If you’re used to driving a Mondeo or Vectra, then you should get on with Galaxy – the handling isn’t that different. It’s surprisingly easy to navigate through narrow streets, with good steering and a precise gearchange. Visibility is good all round. The ride is impressively supple.