Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

There is a purposeful appearance and feel to the dashboard of the H3, although it soon becomes obvious that the South Africa-built Hummer has hardly been adapted for sale in the UK. Yes, it’s right-hand drive, but the speedometer prioritises kilometres per hour rather than mph and it lacks the quality and refinement you’d expect in a car with this price tag of around £30,000.

The layout is pretty user-friendly and easy to get on with, although the dull design is at odds with the H3s extreme chunky styling. The seats also lack support and the small windows means that manoeuvring into small spaces can be a challenge. But the controls are chunky and easy to use, and it certainly looks the part. Visibility is aided by the high driving position, but the glass area is quite shallow.

The Hummer would be a relatively comfortable car if it wasn’t for its general lack of space inside (particularly poor given its sheer size) and an overall lack of refinement. The combination of high ground clearance (meaning you have to step up to get into the H3) and a relatively low roofline for a 4×4 means there isn’t as much room inside as you’d expect and taller passengers will find it a little cramped.

Engine noise is intrusive, partly down to the gruff nature of the five-cylinder engine, and wind noise is also noticeable around the windscreen pillars at speed. On the plus side air conditioning and electric windows are standard across the H3 range, while Adventure and Luxury models come with electrically adjustable and heated front seats.