Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Not a bad place to be, although interior plastics decrease in quality as you go further down the dashboard and door cards.

The chunky steering wheel could do with a slightly larger range of adjustment – for some drivers it may feel a bit high and too far forward.

Rather than a conventional handbrake lever, all Cherokees get an electronic parking brake switch and an automatic hill-hold assist system.

Top Limited models get a large information display between the speedo and rev counter that displays various information including navigation, audio and terrain system details.

One of the strongest aspects of Jeep Cherokee comfort is the seats – they really are very comfortable, especially the cloth-upholstered versions in the Longitude trims which ironically feel more comfortable than the leather-clad items in the top Limited grade.

Ride quality is largely good, although small imperfections in the road can make themselves known more readily than you might expect.

Despite its off-road capabilities the Cherokee is very much at home on the motorway, with very little engine noise at cruising speeds. Like many 4x4s, there’s a reasonable amount of wind noise although it’s certainly not enough to become annoying.

The view of the road ahead is very good too, with the exception of over-the-shoulder visibility which, like others in the class, is poor.