Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

More expensive feeling materials and a subtle two-tone colour scheme help the interior seem more up-market and a big leap forward from the previous Cherokee. The finish could still be better in places and annoyingly there’s no reach adjustment on the steering wheel – something you’d expect on a car of this size. The dashboard also still has a predominantly functional look, but all the controls are clearly marked and easy to operate.

On twisting roads, the lack of body control means quick progress isn’t pleasant for those in the back, but for long motorway journeys the Cherokee is good thanks to the forgiving ride. There’s decent space in the back – especially in terms of head room – while all cars come with leather seats and electronic climate control as standard. Engine noise is more muted at cruising speeds than on the previous model, although wind noise is noticeable at speed.

One of the options is an electric retractable canvas sunroof that spans the whole roof can be opened to the front or the rear.