Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

For some, there can be no better place to sit, but for anyone who places comfort high among their priorities, the Diablo is a car best avoided. It sticks to the old-style Italian driving position of bent knees and straight arms, which becomes tiresome on longer drives. There’s also a lot of intrusion from the front wheelarch that offsets the pedals to the left in right-hand drive cars.

And as for the scissor doors? They look great but make getting in and out of a Diablo a real pantomime.

The Diablo cannot hide its older design here as the cabin feels claustrophobic for a car that is so enormous on the outside. Earlier cars are worse, while 1998-on cars that are identified by fixed headlights rather than pop-up lights offer better padding in the seat and a little more space for heads and elbows. These later cars also came with air conditioning that actually managed to chill the air enough for the driver not to melt on warmer days.