Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

Lamborghini has made the Murcielago's driving environment much better than its previous supercar offerings. The steering wheel may be offset towards the centre of the car and the front wheelarch intrudes into the driver's footwell, but the driving position is spot on. The seat back is steeply raked but not uncomfortable and the steering wheel, gear lever and pedal are all well placed.

A clear, simple dash looks good and all of the materials used in the Murcielago let you know you’ve spent a large amount of money on a quality product. The view out of the front is good, but sideways vision is limited and you can forget about seeing anything in the rear view mirror.

The Murcielago may be one of the most extreme supercars yet devised and occupy enough space to build an office block on, but it's still surprisingly easy to use. The scissor doors offer more space to get in and out than on the Murcielago's predecessors', and the sill is not so wide to clamber over. The cabin is snug without being claustrophobic, while the leather seats are well shaped and the climate control more than up to the task of chilling the cabin on hot days.

The Roadster's cabin is not prone to buffeting at legal speeds.