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Land Rover Discovery Sport Car Leasing Deals

Find your ideal personal Land Rover Discovery Sport leasing deal on Parkers. Wherever you are in the mainland UK, you'll be able to find and spec a great Land Rover Discovery Sport lease deal with our partners ZenAuto.

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Fancy getting a lease on a Land Rover Discovery Sport? We’ve got some great lease offers on Parkers to help you get your hands on this rugged, yet premium feeling off-roader. The Land Rover Discovery Sport has incorporated a touch of Range Rover class within its compact styling, with an impressive interior and high-tech features. But this is still a go-anywhere utility vehicle in essence, and it is more than capable in all scenarios. It’s a five-seater really, but there are two extra seats that can be used for occasional passengers, so leasing a Land Rover Discovery Sport will be suitable for even the largest families. It’s a bit pricey too, coming in above rivals like the Audi Q5 or BMW X3 in terms of overall costs, including fuel if you go for the four-wheel drive option. Find a great Land Rover Discovery Sport lease offer for you on Parkers.