Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

The SC is only available with one engine – a 4.3-litre that boasts 282bhp. As you’d expect from Lexus, it’s a smooth and refined V8, rather than a raucous engine. 0-62mph comes up in a swift 6.2 seconds and the car builds speed effortlessly. Excellent engine insulation means it’s whisper-quiet at speed, but for all the figures on paper, it lacks character on the open road and never sounds as enjoyable as you’d hope.

Early cars came with a five-speed sequential automatic gearbox which was a little slow-witted – especially when it came to changing down. This was later replaced by an improved six-speed transmission which is smoother, but still not as slick as similar gearboxes in rival cars.

The SC was designed for the US and that’s most evident in the handling. It’s great for lazily cruising along with the top down, but ask it to tackle corners or tight bends and it readily loses its composure. Early cars were especially softly sprung which meant lots of bodyroll in corners and pitching and diving under acceleration and braking. Later models have a revised set-up which is slightly better, but still feels very soft.