Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

It’s a back-to-basics look inside the Exige, with an exposed aluminium frame and few creature comforts. That said, it is attractively – and originally – designed and relatively comfortable. A few small details make the Exige feel special. For instance, the lights are operated by push buttons, rather than a dial switch that you find in most cars. The bucket seats grip the driver and passenger well, but their shape means that anyone above average weight will find them uncomfortable.

Aside from sliding the seat, the driving position is totally non-adjustable (the steering wheel does not adjust for height or reach), so not everyone will find that they’re able to get comfortable. Visibility is as bad as it gets in car. Despite there being a rear-view mirror, there’s no view out of the back (the engine gets in the way), little view down the side and only tiny wing mirrors.

Once you’re inside the Exige, it’s not as uncomfortable as you might expect. However, getting inside is a bit of a challenge in the first place. It’s extremely low to the ground and the door opening is narrow, meaning a limbo-like move is needed to get in. The Exige is based on the Elise, but where the canvas roof on that model can be removed to help getting in, the Exige has a fixed hardtop, which makes it a little more tricky.

The engine is directly behind the driver – great for feeling involved in the action, but a bit drony on longer trips.