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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The rev counter dominates the driver’s view sitting behind the steering wheel, and is aimed at emphasising the car’s sporty nature. It also has a display at the bottom that includes an optimum gear indicator for economical driving as well as digital speed reading. In the middle of the dashboard is the giant-sized speedo, which hosts a range of warning lights and gauges including the fuel level, and underneath the air conditioning, audio and electric window controls.

There are two cup holders at the front and back of the rear divide. The steering wheel is adjustable up and down, and backwards and forwards. As standard, the driver’s seat adjusts for height with an option for the same on the passenger’s seat

The Clubman is identical to a standard MINI in the front, so there’s decent room even for taller drivers. Both front seats offer good support and comfort for long distance driving, though given a twisty road and enthusiastic driver more side support would be welcome. But the biggest change is in the back. There’s noticeably more legroom for rear passengers (an extra 80mm if you’re measuring) and this certainly makes a difference if you have a tall driver in the front – as the rear seats can still be used.

Not something that is possible in the hatch. It still feels cramped but at least the front seats tip and slide forward in one go for easy access into the back. Plus, on the driver’s side is the extra rear clubman door that opens to give a wider opening into the rear seats.