Parkers overall rating: 2.4 out of 5 2.4
  • Simple dash layout
  • Material quality lacking in areas
  • High driving position means good visibility

Typically a Mitsubishi ASX driver sits higher compared with a regular family hatchback. This gives a good view of the road ahead, while visibility all-round is impressive. The high bonnet can make it a bit tricky to judge where the front of the car is, though.

There is a lot of dark black plastic surrounding the dash that detracts from the feeling of quality and also makes the cabin feel a gloomy place to be.

The 2019 facelift saw an uplift in interior quality, with a soft-touch dashboard and hardier materials. It’s still a step behind most rivals, though, with the overall feel swinging towards hardwearing rather than comfortable.

However, while the plastics are mainly hard and not pleasurably tactile, they feel like they could stand up to a life of abuse very well and all the controls are well-placed and clear to use.

Mitsubishi ASX interior

The latest ASX now features an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen as standard, which comes with smartphone connectivity and, on higher-specification models, TomTom sat-nav. It’s easy and simple to use, but we found it sluggish to respond to our touch.

You get a large panoramic sunroof on higher-spec models, allowing in plenty of natural light that helps to brighten things up, though it does spoil headroom in the rear.

There is also a neat colour info display in the main instrument panel and top-spec models come with sat-nav as standard, albeit controlled via what looks like an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system.

  • Lots of adjustment in the seats
  • Good visibility all-round
  • Space for four with ease

Mitsubishi ASX comfort levels are pleasing: it’s easy jump in and out of, and there’s plenty of space on board for four adults. A fifth passenger will fit in with reasonable comfort, too.

Up front, most should be able to find a comfortable driving position thanks to plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel – it adjusts for rake and reach. There’s plenty of adjustment in the driver’s seat, too, although some may find they’ll want the seat to go a little lower than it is able to.

The seats are supportive and very comfortable, while rear passengers get generous leg and shoulder room, plus there’s an arm rest that drops down from the middle seat.