Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

If Mitsubishi was aiming for a premium feel in the latest Evo then it's missed the target. It's well put together and the deep-set instrument dials looks stylish while the three-spoke steering wheel is good to hold, but the plastics don't look particularly upmarket and some of the switchgear seems a little cheap. The design is far from inspiring either and potential buyers used to the luxury of a BMW or Audi won't be impressed.

The sat nav system works well but it looks a little aftermarket and isn't as slick as manufacturer-based systems.

The previous Evo models had a reputation for uncompromising performance - unfortunately at the expense of comfort. But this is an area Mitsubishi has clearly focussed on. The ride is a huge improvement - it is still firm but doesn't crash or jolt and no longer fidgets over rough roads. The balance is just right because while the Evo X is composed enough to use everyday, it still feels like a performance car.

The Recaro sports seats are very supportive, but can become uncomfortable on long journeys however noise levels are low and the driving position spot on.