Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

While the design of the cabin is neat with well laid out controls and an easy to use stereo, it’s quite dull with hard plastics used throughout. It feels dated and lacks the sophistication and finesse of other family cars. Build quality is good and the interior certainly feels solid, however the finish isn’t great with some flimsy switches. The driving position is pretty good, but the lack of reach adjustment on the steering is annoying and means it can take a while to get comfortable.

Rear visibility is poor too – hampered by the thick pillars and narrow rear windscreen.

Neither engine is especially quiet – the diesel clatters on start-up while the petrol has to be revved hard to pick up pace and is excessively noisy. Opting for the CVT automatic makes this even worse as the engine spends most of its time at high revs. On the plus side, wind noise is kept to a minimum and the cabin is comfortable with well-padded seats.

Rear legroom is adequate, although taller passengers may find it a squeeze for head room.