Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Most Shoguns sold in the UK previously were diesels, so for the 2007 version Mitsubishi has dropped the petrol version and now only offers a single diesel which delivers solid Mitsubishi Shogun performance.

Diesel engine

Although the diesel engine is the familiar 3.2-litre four-cylinder from the old Shogun, it has been upgraded with a more efficient ‘common rail’ injection system.

This engine now offers 197bhp and in the short wheelbase (three-door) versions cover the 0-62mph sprint in 9.7 seconds with the manual gearbox, while the long wheelbase (five-door) versions take about 11.1 seconds with the auto ’box.

It’s still not rapid, but should cover ground quickly enough for most people, and the brakes work well enough to bring its two-tonne-plus bulk to a standstill without cause for concern.

Parkers recommends

Most popular with Mitsubishi Shogun buyers is the five-speed automatic gearbox and five-door bodyshell, and we wouldn’t argue with this choice.

Designed to be a dependable off-road tool, there are inevitable compromises in Mitsubishi Shogun handling. Having said that, its behaviour is improved over the model it replaces with less body roll (although it still leans to a degree in bends) and better steering feel, aided by a stiffer body shell. Under normal driving conditions the four-wheel drive mode sends about two-thirds of power to the rear wheels.

However, up to 50% of power can be sent to the front wheels if needed. The Shogun also has a lockable centre differential in either high-ratio or low-ratio mode should conditions become more extreme. There is an optional locking rear differential available should owners regularly take the car into very difficult terrain.