Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

While it always feels like a sportscar, the trouble with the first run of 350Zs was that the finish of the interior never quite felt worthy of a £25,000 car with some squeaks and rattles. Materials were upgraded for the 2006 model and customers can also choose an integrated factory-fit satellite navigation system for the first time. The instrument binnacle adjusts with the steering wheel so it’s never obscured and there are some nice touches like the digital read-out that can display various information, including the adjustable rev limit.

As a two-seater, the 350Z offers decent room for both passengers, with supportive yet comfortable sports seats. In GT models they’re both electrically adjustable while on the standard car they have to be moved manually. Ride quality is good for a performance machine, although it can crash over bumps in town. Climate control and electric windows are fitted as standard, although there’s a fair bit of road noise at higher speeds.