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Nissan Almera Hatchback (00-06) - rated 2 out of 5

Originally introduced as a hatchback in 1995, the Nissan Almera was launched as a budget family car choice offering practicality and value for money.

A replacement for the Nissan Sunny, the Almera was perhaps not as exciting as rivals like the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf, but it was inexpensive to buy and proved a popular choice for many car buyers.

A saloon version joined the line-up a year later but it was the three and five-door hatchbacks which took the lion’s share of the sales here in the UK. 

Standard kit in the Almera was good with all models coming equipped with power steering, electric mirrors and a stereo system as standard. A sportier ‘GTi’ model was also available which featured a rear spoiler, alloy wheels and sports seats.