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Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

Get behind the wheel and there are few details to suggest this car offers anything out of the ordinary. The biggest clue that you are driving an electric vehicle is when the dash lights up and you see the range gauge rather than a fuel gauge, and of course the lack of engine noise at start-up – or indeed on the move.

There’s no soft-touch plastics though, and cabin quality is poor compared to many conventional rivals – even if the switchgear feels robust enough.

Nissan Leaf comfort levels are good because the suspension is well set up, so the car soaks up the bumps in a soft and tidy manner. Refinement is in fact top notch.

This is down to the silent running afforded by the electric drivetrain of course, though this also brings about its own problems with more noticeable wind noise and road roar.

There’s decent amounts of adjustment in the front seats, thought you do sit a little higher than you do in more conventional cars – the legacy of the batteries being situated under the floor.

More disappointing is the lack of reach adjustment for the steering wheel, which seems like an omission in a car that is so laden with other technology elsewhere.