Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Peugeot 107 performance is restricted to one engine but there is the choice of two gearboxes

Petrol only engine choice

Peugeot has taken a simple is best approach with the 107, which is why it comes with a single choice of engine.

It’s a thrummy three-cylinder petrol motor that has undergone two major revisions since it was first used in the 107, the first in 2009 to improve economy from 61.4mpg to 62.7mpg, then another in early 2012 that pushed economy to 65.7mpg.

At each of these two revisions, carbon dioxide emissions dropped, going from the original 109g/km to 106g/km in 2009 and then down to 99g/km in 2012 for the manual gearbox version.

The 107 with the 2-Tronic semi-automatic transmission offers 62.8mpg and 104g/km, and it’s noticeably slower off the mark by taking 14.0 seconds from 0-62mph compared to the normal manual’s 12.3 seconds. On the move, the engine is eager and whirrs away happily in town or on the motorway.

Manual or semi-auto gearboxes

Both gearboxes in the Peugeot 107 are five-speeders, but one is a straightforward manual and the other is a semi-auto with two drive modes. The standard manual is the better bet for most drivers and has a slick, light gearchange that’s entirely in keeping with the nature of the 107.

The 2-Tronic five-speed semi-auto can be used as a standard automatic transmission in Easy mode where it does all the work for you. It also behaves like a normal auto ’box by allowing the car to edge forward when the driver takes his foot off the brake, which helps with smooth driving in town.

Switch to the manual mode and the driver dictates gear changes by moving the lever back for upshifts and forwards to change down. In this mode, it’s hard to justify paying the extra over the normal manual unless you require an automatic gearbox to drive.

Parkers recommends

With only one engine choice, the decision is between the manual and 2-Tronic semi-auto transmissions. We prefer the standard manual five-speeder, though some will appreciate the choice of an auto.

The 107’s small size and short overhangs mean it is incredibly stable and agile with little body roll but plenty of grip. Around town the light steering makes tight manoeuvres such as parallel parking simple while all round visibility is excellent.

This also makes it great for darting in and out of busy traffic while it isn’t overawed on the motorway and will happily keep up with traffic.

On more demanding roads the 107 still shines – the steering lacks a little feel but is responsive, the slick gearchange is positive and there’s a go-kart feel to the handling.