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Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The focus of the Peugeot 2008 is its 208-derived interior and small steering wheel. It’s a detail that only affects some users, but certainly the small rim can get in the way of reading the instruments clearly – though curiously we found it less problematic in the 2008 than 208.

Even so it’s still not perfect, and many will struggle to get truly comfortable behind the wheel. It’s worth pointing out however that even in its lowest position, the bottom area of the wheel is no lower than the wheel of a Peugeot 308 or 508.

Lifted almost lock stock from the 208, there’s little of surprise in the cabin’s design though the large multifunction touch screen in Active models upwards looks modern. The good thing is its relatively intuitive to use as well – though it’s worth mentioning a glovebox-mounted CD player is an optional extra on these cars as the touchscreen houses no moving parts.

There’s a real mix of quality in here too, with the dashboard fascia covered in a softer leather-like material while the lower and upper areas remain a hard scratchy plastic. The poorer quality finish extends to the doors as well and if you look closely it’s easy to pick holes with the 2008’s cabin ambience, which is disappointing as parts actually feel quite impressive.

One thing the French, and Peugeot in particular, are famed for getting correct is ride quality - and the latest range of 208-based models is no different. That applies to the Peugeot 2008 comfort levels too.

The wheelbase is no longer than a 208 hatchback, though it is slightly wider, but almost regardless of road surface underneath the 2008 displays a real sense of ride comfort. There’s no banging or crashing in the cabin and on the whole the Peugeot deals with lumps and bumps quickly and effectively.

Even the front seats are comfortable, with Allure and Feline models also offering height adjustment for the passenger as well as the driver. Those in the rear will also find generous levels of legroom, though headroom is compromised by the glass roof on top-spec cars.

And regardless of roof option, the steeply raked side windows mean the top of the door feels close to taller occupant’s heads. In reality, the 2008 is fine for children but only two adults will be able to sit comfortably across the rear bench.

It’s also worth noting that sound deadening feels a little thin on the ground, while some of the smaller engines with five-speed gearboxes can be working quite hard at motorway speeds – the result is plenty of noise inside the car.