Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

You get an upmarket feel in the 508 and it is a big leap forward from the 407. The build quality has improved and the materials are of a much higher standard. The dash is clean but simple and the head-up display makes a great deal of sense in terms of safety.

This ride is excellent and although it is firm it's perfect for long-distance journeys and should be attractive for its target market - company car drivers who spend a lot of their time chugging up an down Britain's motorways and A-roads. The 508 is one of the most refined cars in the sector and along with the impressive ride quality, wind noise, road roar and engine noise has been kept to a minimum.

A special sound-proofing windscreen has helped to filter out the noise and dampers on the front axle have reduced engine vibration. The seats are well supported and the sides have enough bolstering to keep you nicely hemmed in when cornering. The head-up display, which means you can check your speed without taking your eyes of the road, is also very useful.