Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Peugeot offers two engine choices in the Tepee – a 90bhp 1.6 HDi or a 120bhp 2.0 HDi. The 1.6-litre engine is really for those who have plenty of time or are restricted on budget. The quickest a 90bhp Tepee will reach 62mph from rest is a leisurely 18.5 seconds and it feels as slow as the figures suggest. Long wheelbase five/six seat versions take 19 seconds to reach 62mph, while eight/nine seat versions of the long-wheelbase model take 20.7 seconds.

The 120bhp engine is far more comfortable driving quickly, with acceleration times from 0-62mph (depending on wheelbase and configuration) ranging from 13.5 seconds to 14.7 seconds. Top speeds are 90mph for the 1.6 HDi and 99mph for the 2.0 HDi. Neither feel particularly brisk, but the 2.0 feels capable of keeping up with the flow of traffic.

With van underpinnings designed to support heavy loads rather than provide comfort for passengers you’d be forgiven for thinking that the driving experience might be compromised. However, the Tepee isn’t significantly worse on the road than Peugeot’s own 807 people carrier. The steering feels more direct and precise than you might expect in a commercial vehicle-derived car and the Tepee doesn’t roll too much in corners.

The long wheelbase (L2) models also offer decent ride quality. Customers can choose electronic stability control as an option, which can help the driver regain control during a skid, but the Tepee’s front-wheel drive set-up always feels reassuring.