Peugeot iOn: Plug problems

Charging debacle

Sure enough, I made it back to work. I pulled into the car park with one bar showing on the dash - so it was down to me to arrange charging for the next person to take it.

Here's where things really started to go wrong.

We have electric car charging points at work. ‘Excellent,' I thought. ‘I'll just plug the iOn in, leave it to charge during the day and all will be right with the world.'

How wrong I was.

The adaptor Peugeot had supplied to plug the car into the mains had a totally different shape of plug to our charging point, so we couldn't use it. ‘Now what,' I hear you scream. Well, Percy saved the day. He brought a good old-fashioned extension lead in and in the style of practical-thinking guys everywhere, we improvised.

Parking the car around the back of the building - and avoiding trades-mans' entrance comments - we hooked the extension lead up inside the building, fed it out of a door and plugged in the adaptor.

There are two plug sockets on the car, one on the driver's side for regular ‘slow' charging and one on the passenger side for faster charging. Not being one to hang around, we thought we'd use the quick charge and get it out of the way of the delivery lorries that use our temporary parking space. However, once we had the flap open we noticed that once again the adaptor was the wrong one, and the plug wasn't going to fit. Slow charging it is, then.

UPDATE: you may have to wait a little longer for our next update. As we went to unplug the car from its first full charge, someone had already done it for us, leaving us with around half a charge.

Current mileage: 670.6