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Renault Grand Espace (03-12) - rated 4 out of 5

The Renault Espace was a hugely popular car choice for many families here in the UK, but for those who needed to use the seven seats more regularly and required a reasonable sized boot along with it – the Espace didn’t quite fit the bill.

That problem was solved in 1998 when a long-wheel based version called the Grand Espace was launched which added an extra 10 inches in length and three in height over the regular Espace.

Interior roominess and practical features were strong selling points for the Grand Espace and helped the MPV to stand-out against well-established rivals like the Ford Galaxy, Toyota Previa and Volkswagen Sharan.

On sale as a seven-seater version only, if more boot space was needed the rear seats could be removed unlike other rivals whose rear sears could be folded flat into the floor.  Inside the car featured lots of clever storage solutions too including large door bins and extra storage built alongside the third row of seats.