Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

All engines have plenty of power which can be exploited at most speeds. The 1.4 manages 60 mph in just over 11 seconds while the 1.6 is a second quicker and the 2.0 litre cuts it to down further to just 9 seconds. The noisy diesels are also flexible and reasonably quick. A good range of engines.

All 400 models have front-wheel drive with independent wishbone suspension and disc/drum brakes. The 400 is no sports saloon. It’s agile, but there is too much roll in the corners and the steering is just not sharp enough or quick enough to change direction rapidly to satisfy the more enthusiastic driver. Otherwise it behaves itself, by being refined and smooth.

The ride is soft and very comfortable, soaking up the worst of inner city pot holes and repaired motorway surfaces: a good balance between its ride and handling.