Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Feels quite special thanks to the charisma of the engine and the loaded specification. No other car offers quite the same blend of comfort and big V8 engine so its feel-good factor is rather unique. On the other hand, once on the move in the fast lane, it’s little different to lesser models which cost considerably less (although that grill might help to clear traffic a little better).

The V8 delivers a charismatic engine note that whilst permeating the cabin, does not detract from the relaxing ambience afforded by the leather and wood interior. Rear seats are only really suited to two passengers and although the appointments are luxurious, that greatest of luxuries space is not overly abundant in the rear – this is not a car to buy if you plan on being chauffeured as the driver’s seat is the best in the house.