Suzuki Grand Vitara: running costs

Grand Vitara's running costs

There is no doubting the Vitara is a great value buy given the amount of car you get for the price you pay. But running costs are a different matter.

Road tax is not too bad given that CO2 emissions are 185g/km putting the Vitara into road tax band I. That means 12 months VED will cost £200 pounds. Given other 4x4s of a similar size it isn't the worst but it isn't the best either. The Toyota Rav 4 2.2-litre diesel that I compared the Suzuki to in an earlier update has lower emissions and a low tax bill but not by much. The road tax bill for the Rav 4 is £180 so not a whole lot cheaper then.

Insurance, however, is surprisingly on the high side. Getting a quote from Parker's Compare had the highest premium at £1842 with the best quote coming in at £740 for fully comprehensive without any frills (breakdown cover, legal cover, etc). The Toyota Rav 4 is a couple of insurance groups lower and another value-for-money, medium sized 4x4, the Kia Sportage, is another few insurance groups lower still.

However, for my particular circumstances the insurance quotes are remarkably similar with the Kia Sportage's lowest quote coming in at £760. Don't forget though insurance quotes for other people on the same car could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your particular circumstances. That's why it pays to get a quote to see what the real cost would be.

But it is the fuel cost I notice most not least because trips to the pump are pretty regular thanks to a tank range that struggles to do much more than 375 miles. The tank isn't massive (it's 66-litres) and with fuel consumption hard to shift off 35mpg it's not long before the fuel light is reminding me I need to find a petrol station soon.

Current mileage: 7291

Average mpg: 34.4