Suzuki Grand Vitara: Roof bars

Raising the Grand Vitara's roof

There's no doubt that the Grand Vitara's greatest strength is its practicality.

The boot is already a good size, and the 60/40 spilt rear seats not only have seat backs that fold flat but the whole seat flips forward to create a large flat load space. It's ideal when you have a major DIY store trip to pick up flat-pack furniture.

However, when I have family visiting and my nephews and nieces decide they want to go to the big shop to 'help' pick up fencing materials, the back seats are needed for them. For such times, as most family motorists will know, there are roof bars. Not for the kids I hasten to add, but getting big bulky items back home.

Suzuki does offer its own branded ones specially designed to fit the Grand Vitara. Fitting the roof rails is very straight forward and a dealer should complete the job in about 20mins. Total cost is £159 for the roof bars with labour costs about £10-20. That's a pretty good price compared to Thule Aero bars from Halfords which cost the same but you will have to fit them yourself.

Taking them off is very straightforward requiring the lock nut to be undone using the supplied key, then you just wind off the clamp by hand. Easy. Suzuki claims its roof bars are aerodynamic so helping fuel consumption. With the bars in place I haven't noticed any major reduction in tank range barely reducing it by 20 miles or so.

It now means the Grand Vitara is even more flexible in its usages so all I have to worry about is stopping my nephew from trying to hammer a hole in my new fence.   

Current mileage: 7992

Average mpg: 34.4