Suzuki Grand Vitara: farewell

Grand Vitara stands out for its versatility

The Suzuki Grand Vitara has served nine hard months at Parker's and has been driven by the whole team. In many ways the 4x4 has shone but there are some things we would love to see improved. Here are the scores on the doors:

Practicality: the Grand Vitara has plenty of space on offer. From the massive boot to the fold down seats, this is a car that can accommodate any family's needs.

Adaptability: if the size of the boot is not enough then fixing roof bars means you can carry a decent cargo while carrying passengers at the same time. You can even fit bike carriers for those active holidays and still fit in all the family and their luggage.

Go-anywhere ability: there are many cars that claim to be all-wheel drive but the Suzuki is a proper old school 4x4 meaning it can tackle serious off-road terrain and not just gravel driveways. Though fitting proper tyres is essential to make sure you get plenty of grip.

Value: given the amount of car you get for your cash, the Vitara delivers on value for money. However, new competition such as the Hyundai ix35 is making life tough for the ageing Suzuki.

Running costs: this is a 4x4 so it isn't going to be kind to your wallet. The best fuel consumption figures we got averaged around 35mpg. The addition of a sixth gear would help cruising (and reducing engine noise) but the engine for the 2011 model has already been tweaked to improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Road tax and insurance costs are fairly average compared with rivals.

Overall, the Vitara has won friends at Parker's and the purple machine with its trademark outside spare wheel will be missed. If Suzuki can improve a few things and keep playing the value card, the Vitara will keep winning friends.

Current mileage: 11,425

Average mpg: 34.1