Suzuki Grand Vitara: to the hills

Suzuki takes to the Lake District hills

A recent trip to the Lake District was the perfect place for the Grand Vitara. The off-roader is much more at home in this kind of environment than in the city and it is where it can spread its wings. In towns a 4x4 is often an object of derision but out in rugged terrain it's acceptable and at times, essential.

While the Suzuki is unrefined and in desperate need of a sixth gear on the motorway, along the hills and bumpy tracks of the countryside it excels.

It tackled the steep challenges with ease while other cars in our convoy around the Lakes struggled. As they changed down gears and pushed their cars harder, the Grand Vitara simply rolled along happily, without needing much encouragement.

Even around the tight bends and tiny roads we encountered it never struggled although a tight squeeze past a Land Rover in one of the many small villages was rather close.

A feature that we were happy to have is the heated seats. While the weather might be warming up it was still pretty cold up North and, at the time, this standard-fit luxury proved to be a real benefit. I've always thought heated seats were an unnecessary gimmick, but after this trip I can definitely see the appeal.

Current mileage: 6024

Average mpg: 36.2