Suzuki Splash: Annoying noises

Tweets and beeps galore

After a month of driving, I've really started to warm to the Splash and think it's a great small hatchback. But despite this there a few little things that are not quite so good.

The 'chirping' noise from the indicators is hard to ignore and I find myself turning up the stereo to block out the noise. The problem isn't so bad on a short trip but on a journey well over an hour with plenty of roundabouts and turns it can become irritating.

As someone else pointed out though, the annoying bird like noise is actually a good reminder that you've left the indicator on. Meaning you're less likely to leave other drivers second guessing as to why your indicator is still flashing.

This isn't the only annoying noise, the Splash seems to be filled with high pitched alarms that go off at almost anything. Keys left in the ignition, lights left on and then there are the parking sensors.

The fact that the Splash has parking sensors in the first place seems a little unnecessary as it is such a small car, but the real problem is how sensitive they are. They seem to go off when there is nothing around. This soon grates and means you're never sure if there is actually something behind the car that you can't see or if they're just not working properly.

Current mileage: 3881

Average mpg: 39.7