Suzuki Splash: Reliable, rugged and robust

A trouble-free time

The Suzuki has now done almost 8,000 miles - nearly 5,000 of these since I got it in March - and in all this time there have been no problems at all. The only occassions the bonnet has had to be lifted is for water in the winscreen washer reservoir - there's no warning when this is low and I've been caught out a couple of times.

However, there does seem to be one small issue that appeared recently. In the past week the brakes that have started to make quite a loud squeaking noise, although with only around 1,000 miles left until the first service this shouldn't be a big problem. 

Taking the strain

While I have moaned about how little I can fit in the boot - and although this is still annoying - there is actually a good amount of room in the back when you really need it, although you have to fold the seats down.

I found this out recently when moving house. Although I couldn't quite get a bed or wardrobe in it, I still managed to get a fair few boxes of books and records in the back, with the Splash showing off it's true load carrying capabilities. If you do need to get something a little bigger than a shoebox shifted, there is a chance this car will do the job.  

Current mileage: 7913

Average mpg: 39.6