Suzuki Splash: Cheerio

A successful six months

Goodbye Splash

My time with the Splash has come to an end and it all seems to have gone very quickly. Despite some initial reservations I have constantly been impressed by the Splash. It has handled almost everything that I have put it through, with the nippy acceleration - perfect for the traffic and madness of built up city driving - to the impressive and surprising comfort from such a small car.

Where it works best

Although the Splash dealt well with the odd long distance trips, I think a daily or weekly commute in it could become a little tedious as the 1.2-litre engine does get a little whiney after a while. Add to this the constant noises in the car and it can all start to become a little frustrating.

I would definitely recommend it to people though. In particular, anyone that is looking for a small, spacious, low-cost car and who will be doing most of their driving around the city and built up areas. Here the Splash is ideal.

Current mileage: 8242

Average mpg: 39.8