Suzuki Splash: Low cost option

Cheap and cheerful?

Having worked out that the Splash was cheaper to buy than the Agila I thought that it would be worth looking at the other costs involved in owning a car. Two of the biggest expenses of course are road tax and insurance.

Working out the VED can sometimes be tricky, especially with the changes to the tax bands in the past couple of years. To make it simple I used the Parker's road tax calculator which gives the price for the next two years.

The Splash emissions are surprisingly high for a small car at 131g/km of CO2, putting it in Band E which costs £120 a year. However, this figure will drop to £110 in 2010.

When it comes to insurance the Splash performs well and is rated as group 3. To find the cheapest insurance quote I used Parker's Compare which takes quotes from over 40 insurance companies to give you a wide choice.

After filling in the main details - which takes a matter of minutes - my cheapest quote came back at a very low £330, not bad for a 23-year-old male who lives in a city.

All in all the Splash is a cheap to run, low cost car. And although you may be paying more road tax than you'd think, the insurance costs are more than affordable.

Current mileage: 6517

Average mpg: 44.3